Bird sanctuaries

The mild climate, abundant rain and fertile soil in the Casamance make the region "The Green Belt of the Nation". It is a region with a great variety of landscapes, with dense and abundant forests, palm trees, coconut groves, mangrove vegetation, wood lots, Savannah and endless stretches of sandy beaches. These ecosystems are so rich and diverse. They host hundreds of water bird species and rare species such as the great hornbill with a yellow crown, the African pied hornbill, the green turaco...

Woven fabric

The quality, beauty and symbols of manjak fabric are of such remarkable elegance that people like it for clothing and furnishing. The fabric is woven by master weavers who use hand looms. The making of manjak fabric is an art that is handed down from one generation to the other, and which requires exceptional skill.

The Clay Potters of Edioungou

The Lower Casamance region has a very old tradition of clay pot making. This is the case particularly in the village called Edioungou, located close to Oussouye, where women who make clay pots receive visitors to demonstrate their art to them in the outdoor workshops where they practice their art.

Kadioute Museum in Boucotte

This open air museum offers a display of all the traditional objects of the Jola tribe: the musical instruments, the fishing gear, the kitchen utensils, the African talismans, the wrestlers’ attires with wrappers in different colors for the various age groups, and the material used to collect palm wine. The objects are nested in the trunks of silk- cotton trees. This is why the museum is named “Kadioute”, which means “hole” in Jola dialect.

Sangawatt Museum in Diembering

This outdoor museum offers a theatrical presentation of some aspects of traditional life among the Jola Awatt, a cultural sub-group of the Jola tribe.


A big attraction in the Casamance is the dense landscape of beaches, forests, Savannah vegetation and mangroves. Visitors can go on all terrain hiking expeditions through the mangroves or use bamboo kayaks to cross to the island villages. They can also walk on bush tracks, cross forests or rice farms on foot or by using all terrain bikes, to go and meet the inhabitants, enjoy their hospitality, share their daily experiences, and learn the basics about their traditions.


The 9 hole golf course in Cap Skirring is located in an exceptional setting along the Atlantic Ocean. It is a facility beginners can enjoy, and one where experienced players can get the challenges to match their skills. Players can enjoy a game on the fine sand or on the field with coconut trees. The resort also offers a golf academy, a driving range, a training bunker and a putting-green.

Beaches and water sports

The Casamance has a large coastline that is about 90 km long. This makes it a prime seaside resort all year long for swimming, jet skiing, water skiing, and sailing (windsurfing, catamaran). The beautiful sandy beach in Cap Skirring, interspersed with pine trees and coconut trees, is one of the best in Africa. The sea flows onto the land and forms inlets that increase the opportunities for enjoying its beauty.


The Casamance is a coastal fishing region. Its rivers contain a considerable amount of fish. The region is particularly suitable for all types of fishing: casting, surfcasting, stake-net fishing or trolling. Depending on the tide, fishermen will get several species of large tropical fish from barracuda to jack fish, captain, red carp, croakers, stingrays, ….


In eastern Senegal, there are areas where you can :

  • Go in groups for open field hunting of small game, in particular francolins,hares and guinea fowls
  • Hunt alone in a stationary position for doves, palmyra pigeons and green pigeons.
  • Go bird game hunting for gangas in the morning, or at dusk in the various streams.
  • Go still-hunting for warthogs.

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