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Senegal is the most advanced country on the Atlantic Ocean
  • Surface area : 196 720 square kilometres
  • Population :14.79 million inhabitants 

  • Capital City:Dakar...


With more than 3,000 hours of sun lighting per year, Senegal is one of the most sun lighted countries in the world; a tropical weather one can enjoy all year long. On the Atlantic littoral, the easterlies blowing alongside the coast lower the...

Safe & Stable

Senegal is renowned as a political exception in the region. A sure value confirmed by the strong presence of international organisations that have used Dakar as a base for their regional operations. The stability and security prevailing in the...

The Car Rapide, national heritage,

The car rapide is a multi-colored, atypical and emblematic means of public transport in Senegal. It is a real work of art, but this is often overlooked because the vehicle pollutes the air and its drivers are quite erratic. The yellow and blue bus...


Senegal’s wealth resides entirely in its youthful and varied population that comprises over twenty different tribes, each with its language, history and rituals and traditions. The Wolof, close to 35% of the population, are present across the entire...


Senegal has a very rich history. The stories and legends tell us that great men, wars and conquests have made this country what it is today. Senegal’s pre-colonial history is mainly about kingdoms and states that broke up progressively. Since...


Senegal’s northern region, where the sea and the river merge together in a...
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