• A trip to Casamance is a visit to an enchanting region: a majestic place with towering forest trees, and a mysterious region with animist traditions and rites. Once you land on the Ziguinchor Port, you can go on foot, on a mountain bike, in a kayak or canoe to visit the villages nestled far beyond the rice fields and orchards, or located by the sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. And for those who love solidarity tourism and eco-tourism, going to Casamance is an occasion to spend the holidays learning and sharing in many ways.
*Ziguinchor Along the river, Ziguinchor exudes a nonchalant ambience and visitors give in quickly to its slow pace of life. Ziguinchor was founded by the Portuguese in 1645 and became a very prosperous trading center. The signs of this glorious past can be seen in Escale neighborhood with its colonial houses. But Ziguinchor’s true African side is at the big market, called Saint-Maur des Fossés, with its strong mixture of vanilla, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon fragrances and its stalls full of fish and tropical fruits like papaya, mango, pineapple and guava. *Diembering Eco park This natural reserve will win the hearts of nature lovers and all those who want to know more about agroforestry. It has a large virgin forest belt, a flourishing mangrove area, and palm trees above and opposite the rice fields and the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can go on foot or on bikes to find out more about the local wildlife. There is an Ecolodge at the top of the hill, built from Jola traditional architecture. It has a wide water catchment area and eight rooms with a view on the ocean and forest.   *Kabrousse Kabrousse is the hometown of Aline Sitoe Diatta, the renowned dissident. The village is a few kilometers away from Cap Skirring. Between the Guinea Bissau border and the Casamance river is a tropical paradise with over twenty kilometers of fine sand, coconut trees, rice fields and forests where visitors can enjoy the vacation of their dreams.   * Mloump village The remarkable architecture in this village is the source of its charm. The village has two-storey buildings made of clay. The idea came from a Senegalese World War II veteran who longed to replicate the modern buildings he had seen in France.
6 jours
Day 1 : ZIGUINCHOR – DJIBELOR - OUSSOUYE. (About 40km /45mn)
  • Pick-up from the port or airport
  • Visit to Djibelor crocodile farm, a park of over 30 hectares with a variety of fruit trees and ornamental flowers.
  • Lunch at a camp in Oussouye. Afternoon visit to Oussouye, the capital of Lower Casamance, to the women making clay pots in Edioungou village, and then to the local fruit processing workshop in Oussouye.
  • Visit to the King of Oussouye, depending on his availability.
  • Dinner and night at the camp.
DAY 2 : OUSSOUYE – MLOMP - KARABANE - (About 20 km/25mn-30mn by canoe)
  • Road trip to Mlomp village and visit to the double storey mud huts, the Jola culture Museum and its giant silk-cotton trees
  • Continue to the Elinkine port to board the canoe to Karabane island
  • Lunch, then visit to the island which served as the first French colonial trade point in Casamance
  • Dinner and night at hotel in Karabane 
DAY 4 : KARABANE – CAP SKIRING. (About 30 mins by canoe 50 km/01h)
  • We will board a canoe to Elinkine fishing village, and then go by road to Cap Skiring seaside resort, located on one of Senegal’s most beautiful beaches
  • Installation at the hotel
  • Lunch, then relaxation at Cap Skiring’s beautiful beach
  • Dinner and night at the hotel.
  • In the morning, visit to Djimbering native village, with its giant silk-cotton trees, its open beach area known for its annual rice field festival
  • Return to Cap Skiring at lunch time
  • Then travel by road to Ziguinchor to tour the city, visit the tropical garden at the French cultural center and the Marché Saint Maure.
  • Dinner and night at the hotel in Ziguinchor


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