Thies decorative arts factory

For over fifty years, Senegal’s decorative arts factories have been weaving several upmarket wall tapestries that are entirely handmade and produced in limited quantities. These can be seen in Royal and Presidential palaces, in international organizations, and in international traveling exhibitions.

Thies regional museum

The Fort in Thiès is located in the heart of town and on premises still in their initial state, as most of the buildings show. Apart from the museum, these premises host an under glass painting workshop and exhibition gallery. The museum is dedicated to the prehistoric and historic past of the region, and to its cultural and material activities.


All across the 18-hole golf course at Saly, the player encounters bush, Savannah areas, rainforest, and sometimes century-old baobab trees in a landscape they can admire with a panoramic view from the African-style clubhouse.


Mbour’s majestic baobab forest is a wonderful playground for children and adults. Families, friends or lovers can act as Tarzan at Accrobaobab. It is a unique attraction in the world. There is a climbing course, with ropes over 25 meters high between baobab trees, a zip line of over 300m with difficulty levels for everyone. Above all, there is a truly impressive view on the Savannah at sunset for climbers who make it to the top of the century-old trees. Car or motorcycle rally fans and professional race drivers have a 21-corner racing ground among the baobab trees.


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