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Senegal is the most advanced country on the Atlantic Ocean
  • Surface area : 196 720 square kilometres
  • Population :14.79 million inhabitants 

  • Capital City:Dakar
  • Main cities : Thiès, Kaolack, Ziguinchor, Saint-Louis, Tambacounda.

  • Languages: Official language: French National languages: Wolof, Pulaar, Mandingue, Diola, Sérère, Soninké, Mandjak, Bambara .
  • Fleuves : Senegal (1700 km) at North, Gambia (750 km) and Casamance (300 km) at south
  • Neighbouring countries : Mauritania – Mali –Republic of Guinea and Bissau Guinea. The Gambia forms a partial enclave within Senegal, reaching 300 km into its territory. The Cabo Verde Islands are located 80 km of the Senegalese coasts.


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