How long does it to visit Senegal?

Depending on the type of trip, the recommended time to visit Senegal may vary:

  • Beachside holiday: 8 days for excursions to the Petite Côte, or even the Sine Saloum region. For trips further away, 10 days may be necessary.
  • Discovery tour (small tour of Senegal to have an overall knowledge of the country): between 10 and 15 days minimum.

Most tour operators schedule trips to Senegal for an average period of 9 days/7 nights (small visits and tours) or 15 days/14 nights for longer tours.

Note that more and more foreigners decide to spend the winter months in Senegal, in their second homes, on tourist sites or in residential hotels.

Is Senegal a safe country?

Senegal is a very stable country politically and has never experienced a major conflict, or an act of terror on its territory. It is recognized as an exception in Africa, when it comes to democratic practices. The people are among the most peace-loving, hospitable and open-minded.

Senegal is one of the African countries with the lowest rate of violent crime. Even in Dakar, the rate of violent crime is low enough to go unnoticed by visitors and tourists.

However, some precautions are necessary to avoid pickpockets and pushy salesmen...: avoid any form of ostentation and know how to keep a smile while you refuse to buy from them. This will prevent you from running into trouble.

What is the best season to visit Senegal?

Senegal is hot all year round and there is sunlight practically every day. It is one of sunniest countries in the world with over 3 000 hours of sun per year.

The high season for tourism corresponds to the rainy season that lasts from November to the end of May (the peak period in the season is between December and April). The temperature then varies between 22 and 35°c. This is the period when Senegal has the highest number of visitors, especially during the winter holidays.

The rainy season is the season when light is superb, the landscape is lush and the water temperature is superb.


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