Senegal’s wealth resides entirely in its youthful and varied population that comprises over twenty different tribes, each with its language, history and rituals and traditions. The Wolof, close to 35% of the population, are present across the entire nation, particularly in Dakar, and in the Northern and Central regions. The Lébou share the same language and are fishermen, established in Dakar and in Saint Louis. The Fulani, close to 25% of the population, come from northern Senegal, especially along river Senegal, and are mostly traders, cattle breeders and irrigation farmers.   The Sereer are mainly in Sine-Saloum and along the Petite-Côte. The Jola come from the Casamance region. They are rice farmers and mostly animists and/or Christians. Apart from these major ethnic groups, the extreme southern region has the Mandingo, the Soninke, the Bassari and the Bedik. These two last tribes have specific rites and live very close to nature. The cohabitation between christians, Muslims and animists is one of the most peaceful in the world. Les Sérères se retrouvent principalement dans le Sine-Saloum et le long de la Petite-Côte. Les Diolas sont originaires de la Casamance. Orientés vers la riziculture, ils sont majoritairement animistes et/ou chrétiens. En dehors de ces grands groupes ethniques, on trouve à l’extrême sud est du pays les Mandingues, les Soninkés, les Bassari et les Bedik, deux peuples aux rites spécifiques et qui vivent en symbiose avec la nature. La cohabitation entre chrétiens, musulmans et animistes est l’une des plus paisible au monde. 


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