Placed under the tutelage of the Ministry of Tourism and Air Transports, the Senegalese Agency for Tourism Promotion (ASPT) is assigned the mission to: ➢ Implement the tourism promotion policy developed by the Government; ➢ Enhance the attractiveness of the Destination Senegal; ➢ Boost internal tourism; ➢ Establish financial and technical partnerships necessary to prop up initiatives and activities supporting the promotion of the destination Senegal; ➢ Foster synergy amongst the different partners of the Government in the development of the sector; ➢ Develop and roll out programmes of specific actions for tourism promotion; ➢ Ensure the permanent provision of information on the "Destination Senegal"; ➢ Develop tourist products and contribute to the improvement of the quality of services. ➲ Services to professionals ➲ Coordination of Senegal’s participation in international travel shows; ➲ Permanent mechanism for the surveillance and analysis of tourist markets; ➲ Assistance to hotelkeepers and tourist promoters based in Senegal in the development and promotion of their offers; ➲ Provision of general information on the Destination Senegal and its tourist offer; ➲ Holding of promotional events (Eductours, press trips…). ➲ Promotion tools and instruments ➲ A "Senegal" label playing the role of umbrella brand for all stakeholders of the Senegalese tourist sector; ➲ A multilingual web portal; ➲ Generic and thematic promotion materials ; ➲ Media and off-media campaigns in Senegal and abroad (in target markets); ➲ Partnerships with airlines and publishers of magazines and books; ➲ Participation in relevant international professional shows.


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