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The Casamance, the green lung of the Senegal

The originality of the region is felt not only through the cultural diversity, but also through its natural richness extraordinary. An African green where ocean, river, mangroves, palm trees, rice fields, deep forests and savanna stand side by side. The region captivates quickly, accentuated by the majesty of the trees and baobab trees that stand like the walls of an authentic civilization and a natural heritage that can be discovered by bike, canoe or kayak.

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The must-see Sites in the Casamance

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History and Culture

The mangrove

Explore the majesty of the mangrove forests of Casamance, Senegal. These coastal ecosystems are unique and offer a fascinating show where the aerial roots intertwined, are home to a rich biodiversity. Browse through canals winding, and watch the colorful wildlife and immerse yourself in the serenity of these wetlands preserved, witness the natural beauty of the West Africa.

Activités en Casamance


Cap Skirring : the most beautiful beaches of West Africa

The largest exhibition of objects and memories of artisanal manufacturing of Senegal. About 2000 artisans create and expose a wide selection of paintings, leather products in their skins, objects, carved wood, jewelry, ebony, money, instruments of traditional music (djembe drum, tamtam, kora...). Near the market, the artisans of the district of the Medina, specialized in recycling and art deco, turn into veritable pieces of art, scrap metal, textiles, and wood.

Activités en Casamance


We discovered several species of turtles, including the giant tortoise furrowed, the largest turtle mainland of the world, which can reach 100 kg. We can watch the couplings, the birth of a young turtle or repair of a shell fractured.

Activités en Casamance

Or eat local specialties in the Casamance.

Check out the delicious culinary adventure in the Casamance region, where the authentic flavors fuse together with the cultural richness. Delicious dishes highlighting local products, all in a beautiful setting. Enjoy the gastronomy in Casamance to a memorable sensory experience, between the culinary traditions and creativity of local, all accompanied by the warm hospitality of the region.

Activités en Casamance

Art and Culture

Explore the soul of art and cultural activities of the Casamance, where the traditional blends with contemporary creativity. Immerse yourself in a world of artistic expressions unique, dances spellbinding and crafts exception. Discover the cultural wealth of the Region through exhibits and vibrant performance captivating, where each and every moment reveals the rich cultural heritage and the artistic passion of the region.

Activités en Casamance


Enjoy the harmony between work and relaxing in the cafes and restaurants that are conducive to productivity in the Casamance region. Discover spaces warm offering local flavors and Wi-Fi connections fast. Retreats inspiring to work with a view of nature, while enjoying delicious dishes. Experience the perfect balance between professional effectiveness and the culinary pleasure in the beautiful region of the Casamance.

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Festival of the islands of the Casamance

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