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Cultural ceremony Lébou

The main spoken language in Senegal is French, it is also the official language of the country. A majority of the Senegalese population also speak the Wolof language, a dialect is the most widespread in Senegal.

Religion occupies an important place in the country and the habits of life of the population of senegal. Islam is the main religion in Senegal, followed by christianity. There is also a strong attachment to traditional beliefs animism among the population. 

Between music, sport, festivals, friendliness, gastronomy, african dance, heritage, handicraft, culture of Senegal is rich and unique. His hospitality and openness to the world are recognized by all the travellers who dare to venture out into the country and take part in his joy of living room.

The cuisine of senegal is the result of a cultural melting pot and has been influenced by different culinary traditions. This, in fact, his wealth and an important part of the culture of Senegal. The most popular dishes are decorated mainly of fish, seafood, beef and sheep. Among the local specialties, you will find the thiéboudienne, which is none other than the national dish of fish, the staple chicken yassa, or even the maffé chicken or beef.

The festivities are numerous in Senegal, by its cultural and religious diversity. Music plays an important role, and brings together both individuals and communities. Festivals are held each year in different parts of the country, such as the Cisko Jazz Festival in Cap Skirring and festivals Abéné, Sacred Diola and Boukout Festival in Casamane. These events are an opportunity to bring together local artists and promoting the music of senegal and in africa. Music plays an important role in the daily life of the people and in the culture of the country.

The fashion and textile industry have also an important place in the cultural offer of senegal. The traditional dress consists of clothing and trinkets, and is focused on Friday.

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