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The cuisine of senegal, an inestimable treasure, is very famous in the world. Senegal offers to tourists from around the world, a journey of flavors and spices and reserve irresistible local recipes.

The ‘Ceebu jën’ or Jolof Rice is inscribed on the intangible cultural heritage of humanity

The "Ceebu jën ", (rice with fish), a dish emblematic of Senegal is served as a plate of breakfast in most households and restaurants in the country. It is made up of rice, fish and a variety of vegetables and prepared with or without the tomato.

The united Nations Organization for education, science and culture (UNESCO) was registered in December 2021 the thiébou dieune the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The national dish of Senegal, recognized worldwide as a culinary art, meets the criteria of UNESCO, according to which the "Ceebu jën" is a centuries-old tradition, alive, transmitted from generation to generation "and which" has a meaning in the life of the people ".

The origin of this specialty is associated with the tourist city of Saint Louis, itself included in the material heritage of the Unesco. The invention of the dish is attributed to Penda Mbaye, a cook from the village of Guet-Ndar " in Saint-Louis.

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