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Sine Saloum

The Sine-Saloum is a territory hybrid tinted magic undeniable and classified as a Unesco World Heritage site. The landscapes are sublime, pure air, total peace. A string of islands, in the particular stamp, laziness in the heart of a maze of mangroves, creeks and lagoons that invite you to stroll soothing in a dugout canoe.

Toubacouta, Foundiougne, Palmarin, Dionewar, Niodor, Djiffer, Ndangane... Each and every island of the Saloum is an invitation to discovery, to the smooth and contemplation. On their stilts, the mangroves that border and give them a stamp at once mysterious and wild, and are home to many species of mammals (hyenas, jackals, monkeys, warthogs, dolphins, manatees) and reptiles (turtles, lizards and crocodiles). 

This preserved area, ranked among the most beautiful bays in the world, is a paradise for anglers and lovers of ornithology. 400 varieties of birds, of which the largest colony nidificatrice terns royal to the world and no less than 114 species of fish (barracuda, grouper, carp, oysters, etc), have found refuge.

The canoe tours to the discovery of the Saloum Delta, its mangrove and its many islands. These tours allow you to go to meet the fishermen Niominkas or Serer and share in the life of their village for a day. The Shells island, the islands of Birds and the shrines to the Birds could also be discovered at the edge of the canoe.

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The must-see Sites in the Sine Saloum

Activities in the Sine Saloum

History and Culture

The delta of the Sine Saloum

The delta of the Sine Saloum, Senegal, unveils a breathtaking beauty. With its mangroves, its islands are protected, and exceptional biodiversity, this is a unique ecosystem to explore, offering an immersion in the wild nature.

Activities in the Sine Saloum


Ride a horse on the track of the Seaside resort

The horseback ride along the tracks of the resorts in Senegal provides an experience that is picturesque. Explore the beaches, check out the atlantic coast and enjoy a horseback riding adventure memorable.

Activities in the Sine Saloum


The bush market Saloum Delta

The market of bush in the Saloum delta, Senegal, is an immersion colored in local life. Check out the crafts, the food and the bustling trade, offering an authentic experience in the heart of the senegalese culture.

Activities in the Sine Saloum


The local specialties of the Sine Saloum

The local specialties of the Sine Saloum in Senegal are a feast for the senses. Enjoy the delicious ceebu jën (rice with fish), the fresh seafood, the mafé, and discover a cuisine steeped in the flavors of the area's unique delta.

Activities in the Sine Saloum

Art and culture

The museums in the Sine Saloum

The Sine Saloum, Senegal, is home to of museums, captivating that tell the history and culture of the region. Explore the Museum of Foundiougne, and the Museum of Kaolack to discover the rich heritage and diverse this area.

Flagship events

12 Rabil al-Awwal (3rd month in lunar year muslim) : Gamou annual Niassènes of Medina Baye (Kaolack)

Cultural days of Koniagui Kounghel

Festival Bettenty

Lambi Saalum (session traditional fighting organized at the end of the harvest season)

Gammu Kahoon (traditional ceremony held every year by Buur Saalum to Kahone)

Festival international du Sine Saloum and culture serer


FESFOU (Foundiougne)

KHOY (Fatick)

Festival Kaay Khol (Kaolack)

Festival of Laughs (Kaolack)

Cultural days of Kaffrine (Dioutnguel)

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