Holi festival of colours in Dakar
Senegal is a tourist destination attractive in all seasons and which invites multiple experiences to live alone, in a group and as a family, and for all kinds of travelers.

The charm of Senegal lies in programs that emphasize the authenticity and meetings with the local communities, the adventure, the outdoors : a regatta in the sea, lunch at local flavors at the edge of a lagoon, quad biking, route accrobaobab, camping in the desert, orienteering games in the islands introduction to the traditional wrestling, traditional dance ....


Mountains, desert, dunes, plateaus, valleys, forests, paths in the bush. Many golf courses allow you to go trekking, hiking, cycling, walking, horse-drawn carriage and mountain BIKING.

With 700 miles of coastline, its rivers, its lakes, lagoons and its myriad of islands, Senegal carries the promise of yachting experience intense.

Saly account of a club of skydiving offering jumps simple as well as training sanctioned certifying. Flight experiences in UM are offered in the area.

Throughout the course of the Golf de Saly, the player will find out the bush, the spaces of the savannah, the rainforest, the baobabs, sometimes millennia. A landscape that can be admired from the floor pan of the club-house of african style.

The village of Warang located on the small side allows to spend a relaxing stay at the edge of the sea, far away from the urban hustle and bustle and offers multiple opportunities for activities : windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, fishing big fish, walks in the Bush, hiking and quad biking, climbing. The distillery of Warang, famous for its fruit liqueurs tasty and flavored, opens its doors for a taste experiences and the discovery of its know-how.

The Ranch Bandia, nearby, offers stays unusual and luxurious lodges set in the heart of the nature that offer spots in contemplation of the animals. The park organizes safaris secure to go to the discovery of the lions that live in freedom.

The experience is even more memorable in the Fathala, located in Toubacouta, in the Sine Saloum, one of the few places in the world that offers the opportunity to walk with lions. With a stick, the visitor walking on the side of the kings of the jungle at the heart of a wild nature to a ride of about 40 minutes.

In eastern Senegal, fabulous cascades, havens of freshness, are lurking in the mountains, in the heart of environments in the wild.

Among the culinary experiences in senegal, stands the Thiébbu Jeen (rice with fish), registered since November, 2021 at the Unesco world Heritage site. Couscous is also in Senegal, the main daily meals for most people. It can be prepared from millet, maize, sorghum, millet, or wheat, for sweet recipes, milk or yogurt, or salted, accompanied by sauces.

Also, all along the atlantic coast, the grilled fish, shellfish and meat "dibi" accompany the sunsets.

The" Ataya " is also a local specialty, which is more than a beverage, it is a art of living in the senegalese culture. For many Senegalese, tasting of mint tea, which runs in a ritual, a three-time referred to as " the three normal ", is an important time of the day, a real moment of conviviality and sharing.


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