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Quai des pecheurs, Saint-Louis

The North of the Senegal

The region of Saint-Louis attracts history enthusiasts and we often get the impression of being transported into another time, as soon as one crosses the Faidherbe Bridge-style Eiffel. The city preserves important testimonies of its glorious past and rich cultural and architectural heritage is such that the city has also been listed since 2000 as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

In this area, the biodiversity is incomparable. Water and land embrace, river and sea blend. And such a giant oasis, the delta of the Senegal river is the last stop for thousands of migrating birds.

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The must-see Sites of the North

Activités à Saint - Louis


Museum of aeropostale

Saint-Louis, a legendary stage of the Aeropostale, and based off of the first crossing of the South Atlantic in 1930 and retains the history of the line Latécoère and pioneers of aviation that are Mermoz and Saint Exupery.

Activités à Saint - Louis


The Faidherbe bridge

The Faidherbe bridge is the only crossing point to the historical island of Saint-Louis, Senegal, by which the visitor can discover the city and its glorious past. It bears the name of general Louis Faidherbe, colonial administrator of Senegal, between 1854 and 1861, and then, between 1863 and 1865.

Activités à Saint - Louis


The culinary arts saint-louisien

The culinary talent of the people of St. louis is recognized in Senegal and the international influenced by the different mixing as well as the quality and freshness of the products from the fishing and agriculture.
The mythical Thiebou dieune, classified as a Unesco World heritage site is from the region, and you can also enjoy delicious dishes such as the Mullet stuffed.

Activités à Saint - Louis


A cruise on the legendary Bou El Mogdad

The Bou el Mogdad carries passengers for a cruise is unique on the Senegal river. The boat has been sailing since the colonial era and offers its cruise ship, the pleasure of discovering reserves of birds, the villages toucouleur.

Activités à Saint - Louis


Djoudj park

In the region of Saint-Louis, the Djoudj parkthird reserve bird-watching in the world, home to nearly 3 million birds each year, including almost 12,000 pelicans in which the spectacle of the nest box is worth the detour.

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