Showroom Baax Studio, Dakar

Senegal offers its visitors a wide choice of shopping options. First go to the craft village of Soumbédioune of Dakar or in the village of Ndem to explore the largest exhibition of objects and souvenirs handcrafted in Senegal. The 2000 artisans, exhibitors there are a large number of paintings, leather products in their skins, objects carved in wood, traditional musical instruments (djembe, tam-tam, kora...).

Shop in the markets and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of authentic african. Take the time to discover each of the halles, its specificity, and its atmosphere, which overflow all animation.

Senegal also lives at the pace of western fashion. You will find international brands of ready-to-wear, mainly present in the modern shopping centers of the capital, such as Sea Plaza.

Over time, the creators of senegal were able to impose their style between tradition and modernity, recalling the mode with audacity, working on different textile materials, such as woven loincloth, the bazin, the wax, silk, veil, sublimated and embroidery colorful or perlages inspired by the East.

Last December, the luxury brand Chanel organised his first fashion show in Africa in the picturesque old Palace of Justice in Dakar. In January, the house of French luxury has opened a new exhibition space, the 19M Dakar, within the Museum of african art Théodore Monod. The free gallery provides local artisans the opportunity to dyeing and weaving of new works on site for display alongside the museum's permanent collection. The gift shop is organized by one of the contractors, the most influential of the city, is the creator of the Artisan, Khadija Ba, which is also the origin of the shop conceptual neighbor Sandaga, a tribute to the famous market Sandaga of the city. The Artisan is part of a new wave of labels clothing for women dakaroises acclaimed in the world (and dressing celebrities – Naomi Campbell is a fan).

MARCH 16, 2023

Dakar, Senegal: World's Greatest Places 2023 | TIME


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