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The spirit Teranga : a way of life typically Senegalese

Senegal is known as the "land of teranga" translated by travel guides as "the land of hospitality".

The spirit of Teranga, Senegal lives on a daily basis and has become a way of life. The openness, generosity, warmth, and familiarity are key elements of the teranga.

The goal is to ensure the well-being of all in the respect of differences.

The teranga focuses on the generosity of spirit and sharing, especially with strangers. The Senegalese typical, in its DNA, and is generous to all, regardless of nationality, religion or social class.

This state of mind senegalese characterized by an inborn kindness it also unites members of different religions. Senegal, a nation's muslim majority, is a reference in the peaceful coexistence of religions.

In Senegal, the differences in approach, and the approach of Easter, "the christians are preparing a meal they call ngalax, consisting of millet, peanut butter, and baobab powder" and they will share it with all of their muslim neighbors.

The sharing of food during the holidays goes in both directions : during the feast of Eid al-Adha, or Tabaski, muslims offer meals to neighbors who are christians.

This culture of Teranga rooted in the respect of the other, the exchange, tolerance and solidarity is strengthened with the cousinage à plaisanterie between populations.

The cousinhood is a concept based on a set of practical joke and privileged relations between individuals through their family or their community.

This approach of social relations helps maintain a harmonious life in the community. A famous saying of senegal said that "your neighbors are your family, because in the event of an emergency, even before your family comes to your rescue, first of all your neighbors who come to you in the help."

Teranga around the "Ceebu jën" (rice with fish).
The teranga is particularly visible in the food culture of senegal. Hospitality is a part of every meal, because at the time of the meal, anyone is invited to come and eat around the flat.

The Destination Senegal

Senegal is a unique combination of great weather, culture, architectural heritage and natural attractions. This alchemy is born of the extraordinary aura of a country universal and authentic and the inclusion of a good number of sites on the UNESCO World Heritage proves its exceptional value.

From town to town, village to village, moods follow each other and complement each other without resembling, with everywhere this tradition alive and well, the smile, opening up to the world and the innate hospitality with which we welcome our guests.

The Country of Teranga.