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A sky view of the city of Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, the capital of Senegal

situated at the Western extremity of the African continent, and facing the Atlantic Ocean, Dakar unfolds, in striking contrasts, between modernity and authenticity.

La capitale ravit ceux qui ont la belle idée d’y séjourner plus que le temps d’une escale. Ses marchés animés, sa vie nocturne exubérante, ses îles paisibles juste au large, ses sites chargés d’histoire, ses villages artisanaux mais surtout ses authentiques villages de pêcheurs, forment un kaléidoscope surprenant.

Vibrant and friendly, Dakar, is a captivating city that offers a myriad of opportunities for travelers.

Discover the best surf spots for a long time kept secret, go and spend the day on the Island of Gorée, immerse yourself in the beauty, mosques and churches, you should try trading in the local market, take a stroll through the art galleries and museums, enjoy traditional dishes of senegal and gaze at the roof of Dakar in amount to the top of the largest statue in Africa. Fans of leisure and sun ? The coast of dakar is the perfect place, lined with beaches, intimate, and long strips of fine sand in the face of the waves of the Ocean. Dakar has an ideal location for an offshore fishery, and its seabed is much appreciated by the lovers of diving.

Other pleasures are waiting for you : a tasting of seafood and nightlife atmosphere assured.

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The must-see Sites in Dakar

Activities to Dakar

The african renaissance monument

You have to climb 198 steps to be at the feet of the imposing statue 52 m made of bronze and copper. It represents a couple and a child drawn up towards the sky, on one of the two hills of Breasts that overlook Dakar. The monument symbolizes the opening of the continent
africa to the rest of the world and represents a high place of the memory of the resistance and the african renaissance.

Has inside, the large rooms are decorated with works of art, including a impressive lounge royal with a throne of majesty.

For dizziness, the lift of the Monument leads to the 15th floor, in the head of the man to enjoy the view panoramic city and ocean.

Activities to Dakar

The craft Village of Soumbédioune

The largest exhibition of objects and memories of manufacturing craft of Senegal. About 2000 artisans create and expose a wide selection of paintings, leather products in their skins, objects carved wood, jewelry, ebony, money, instruments music traditional djembe drum, tamtam, kora...).

Near the market, the artisans of the district of the Medina, specialized by recycling and art deco, turn into veritable pieces of art scrap, local textiles, and wood.

Activities to Dakar

The turtle Village of Sangalkam

We discovered several species of turtles, including the giant tortoise criss-crossed, and the largest turtle mainland of the world, which can reach 100 kg. We can watch the couplings, the birth of a young turtle or repair of a shell fractured.

Activities to Dakar

The flagship of the Breasts

Located on the site geological volcanic " Breasts ", it is the most old lighthouse of Dakar, built in 1864. Set on a hilltop, it offers a exceptional panorama on the whole Peninsula of Cape Verde and the scope of its white beam (53 km), which appears in the sky at dusk night, is the second lighthouse in Africa. The site features a restaurant and a bar which is played live music in the evening.

Activities to Dakar

The Magdalen Islands

Off the coast of Dakar, the archipelago is a peaceful refuge for lovers of calm wild and bird watching. Swimming in the natural swimming pool at the hollow of the cliffs and in the middle of small colorful fish is a fun for all the senses.

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