Art and culture

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In Senegal, the anchor to the cultural roots does not have wings and be open to the world. The Destination Senegal is a kaleidoscope of communities vivid, colorful, welcoming and shared the land of Senegal in a perfect harmony.

During your journey, you will experience the traditional initiation rituals Wolof, Diola, Serer, Soninke, or Hal Pulaar, symbols authentic and timeless to us and ancestral customs. The Sine Saloum and Casamance, the megalithic sites and the “sacred wood” will immerse you in a Senegal the former filled with mysteries.

For culture vultures, and of artistic creation, you will be conquered ! The Destination Senegal is a melting pot of creativity overflowing with exhibitions and cultural festivals where internationally acclaimed artists alongside the new-generation full of talent and eager for dialogue between cultures.

The tour of the museums or galleries in the major cities you will find important collections of works of art, including masks and statues of the people Bassari and Bedik. Also recognized for its urban culture, the Destination Senegal is a haven of abundance of new moods of a social character, and engaged.

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